Our Vision

Complete and utter world domination is only the beginning for us.

Keepin’ it clean!

Let’s get serious and talk smart home. I’m sure we can all agree with the trend and see that the not so distant future lies with our robot overlords; ie. Alexa, Google, and Siri. Also in the not so distant future, Wawlee is going to make it easier for you to work with those assistants and bring some features to the home that in past, have been costly and a hassle — Wawlee is going to pack more standalone features into the same small, tidy, and versatile package — and all of these things while being built into your home.

I’m a huge supporter of Quality Of Life, and I think there are some small things we can do to greatly influence just that. There are a lot of aspects of our day-to-day that haven’t progressed in the past decade and for some of those things, there is Wawlee!