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You get a Wawlee

&you get a wawlee

&you get a wawlee


Nick Pawson | Founder & CEO

You may be asking yourself, “who’s this guy with the crooked nose?”.

Well, that’s me. Thanks…i guess.

Let me break this awkward silence by telling you about my accomplishments. I have a passion for acting and attended The University of the Arts’ prestigious theater program in Philadelphia. I continue to participate in theater from time to time, most recently seen in Baskerville and Plaza Suite.

I have a Graphic Design company called NPC where i design and brand for my own, and other businesses - you can find some of my old work at monstar.biz.

In the past half-decade, i have pivoted from design to being a business owner. I have co founded, built (actually built with my own hands), branded, marketed, manage, and run two businesses in Rehoboth Beach, DE: La Fable, a traditional French Bistro, and Houston White Co., an elegant American Steakhouse. Each of my two restaurants has a host of accolades, some even recognized nationally by publications such as: Good Housekeeping, Forbes, Opentable, and others.

There are a host of qualities i have received from the past decade of accomplishments. Some of those qualities came from great successes and some from great failures, but i think we can call agree these are the things that move us forward in our searches, and have been the variables to lead me here. I bring a strong portfolio of skills to Wawlee and i can’t wait to show you what Wawlee can do.